The Massage Therapy Act

Operating By-Laws

Review the CMTNB Operating By-Laws, as ratified by the members in April 2022, and approved by the Department of Health on November 2022.

Standards of Practice

The CMTNB has adopted for the New Brunswick the Standards of Practice document and the Certification Examination Candidate Handbook used by the CMTNB. The Certification Examination is shared by the CMTNB and the CMTNB. The Standards of Practice document and the Certification Examination Candidate Handbook have been adapted to be applicable to New Brunswick legislation. We acknowledge and appreciate the support from our legislative counterparts, and look forward to working together with them towards national accreditation for the massage therapy profession. Updated July 10, 2016

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics and Stands of Practice document is the result of the thoughtful consideration and deliberation of many dedicated therapists. In its breadth and scope, in its clarity and precision, it provides guiding principles and practical procedures for all massage therapists to follow in order to maintain the highest standards of professional service and client care.

Policy & Position Statements

Policy statements articulate the CMTNB’s opinion on specific issues relating to the practice of massage therapy. These statements provide members with a broader explanation of practice issues than can be found in the legalized format of the legislation or By-laws. Members who violate CMTNB policies may be deemed to have violated the legislation or by-laws, and therefore are deemed to have committed professional misconduct.

A position statement provides the collective opinion of the CMTNB’s Board of Directors relating to practice issues that may not be covered by a By-law or a policy statement. Position statements are often developed in response to members’ questions and provide a framework within which practice decisions can be made. Members whose practice is not consistent with the position outlined by the CMTNB, may be required to justify their conduct or actions. Guidelines provide a more detailed description of the way in which policies or positions are translated into practice. They are intended to provide guidance to members.

Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FOMTRAC)

The Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FOMTRAC) is the national organization for massage therapy regulators in Canada. For more information on FOMTRAC please visit their website;

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